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Artists Bridge is Introducing, Connecting & Promoting Musicians with the Industry, the Fans & the Opportunities, one step at a time. As musicians work through the creation, protection, production, and promotion of their work, Artists Bridge acts as a music community exchange to inform, educate and assist in the organization, implementation and execution, resulting in the best chance for success. We do this all while keeping in mind the fans they are trying to reach and how best to engage with them.

From recording to networking, financing to consulting, and from online shows to brick-and-mortar events, Artists Bridge acts as a platform to link artists with the best people, places and services suited specifically to them and to their personal needs. With daily content including interviews, videos, blogs, artist spotlights, fan favorites and regular updates on key events to potential opportunities and everywhere in between, Artists Bridge shares, promotes and highlights all things music and the music industry in a way a fan can enjoy as much as a band.

Artists Bridge is not just another run of the mill "musician only" advertising site, but rather an interactive community that ties together the industry professionals, musicians and fans in a style of engagement that allows everyone to benefit, enjoy and take part in. Artists Bridge is as much for the fans as it is for the artists and the industry.

For more information, investor relations and partnership opportunities email: info@artistsbridge.com